Skin cancer risk exists in vehicles as well

Dec 01, 2010

Sunlight can damage skin even while in the car.

When it comes to life insurance costs, successfully beating a cancer diagnosis is one thing that can result in years of higher premiums. Unfortunately, some forms of the disease, such as skin cancer, are all too easy to acquire, regardless of how cautious a person may be.

Many people associate skin cancer with people who heavily use tanning beds or spend too much time at the beach or elsewhere without sunscreen. However, even driving in one's car may help expose a person to excessive skin damage from the sun.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recently cited data which found that about 53 percent of skin cancers occur on the left side of their body - which happens to be the side that is exposed to the sun while driving a car.

As a result of this finding, the foundation suggests that people can protect their head and neck from excessive sunlight by foregoing convertibles or vehicles with sunroofs. Another idea is to treat a car's windows with ultraviolet-resistant window film.

Cancer affects millions of Americans each year, even those who are young and healthy. In light of that reality, life insurance is often a wise idea to protect loved ones for the long term.


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