Smoke alarms can avert tragedy

Nov 22, 2010

Fire risks can be reduced with a smoke alarm.

House fires can inflict tragedy and staggering property damage on families - and things can turn out even worse in cases where victims did not have life insurance to help provide security in their absence.

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the fifth most common form of death from unintentional injuries comes from burns and fires. As of 2004, fire deaths were also the third most common cause of fatal home injuries.

Another sobering CDC statistic notes that in 2008, an American died in a fire every 158 minutes, while an individual was injured under such circumstances every 31 minutes. Many of the victims in fatal fires are reportedly claimed by smoke and toxic gas as opposed to actual burns.

When it comes to the cause of these fires, smoking is reported as the leading cause of fire-related deaths, while cooking is the leading cause of residential fires, adds the CDC.

Since tragedy can strike in so many ways, carrying a life insurance policy is a useful strategy - especially for families that have young children or dependent older relatives.

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