Smoke alarms can help prevent death from smoke inhalation and fires

Nov 29, 2010

A smoke alarm can keep families safe

A deadly fire at home can happen at any time. All it takes is an unattended candle or meal cooking on the stove to start a blaze. According to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2006, fires and burns were among the most common cause of unintentional death in the country.

One way families can help ward off the dangers of a fire is to install a smoke alarm. The National Fire Protection Association suggests people install a fire alarm in every bedroom and every level of a home.

"Many U.S. homes may still only have one smoke alarm," says NFPA's vice president of communications Lorraine Carli. "That is simply not enough."

The CDC also recommends people check their smoke alarms every month. A smoke alarm doesn't protect a family if it isn't working properly.

Given how quickly a fire can happen, it's important for families to be prepared in case they can't escape the flames. Investing in life insurance to provide financial stability in the event of a death and homeowners insurance to replace ruined possessions, is a good start.

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