Smokeless tobacco has health consequences

Nov 22, 2010

Any form of tobacco can be harmful to one's health

The negative health consequences that can arise from smoking have been made widely available to the public. While many are aware of the harm associated with smoking tobacco, some may not be as well-versed of the implications of using smokeless tobacco.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says using smokeless tobacco and smoking can increase one's risk of developing dangerous conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

In light of statistics showing more than a 20 percent smokeless tobacco use rate in Wyoming and Arkansas among male smokers, CDC Office on Smoking director Dr. Tim McAfee says the numbers are troubling.

"We need to fully put into practice effective strategies such as strong state laws that protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke, higher tobacco prices, aggressive ad campaigns that show the human impact of tobacco use, and well-funded tobacco control programs, while stepping up our work to help people quit using all forms of tobacco," says McAfee.

In addition to negative health effects, tobacco use can result in increased life insurance premiums. Medical care professionals urge people to quit using any tobacco products. A growing number of states have established bans on smoking in the workplace as well as restaurants.

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