Snow removal can be dangerous

Jan 26, 2011

Snow removal can be dangerous

A major winter weather storm recently ripped through eight Midwestern states, bringing as much as 20 inches of snow. Now, many homeowners are digging themselves out of a mess.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago is urging people to be careful as they move heavy snow this winter. The action may seem common enough, but could ultimately lead to a fatality.

The hospital says a combination of cold temperatures and heart disease could be fatal. Those who are over the age of 50, smoke, or are obese may also experience problems removing snow.

Once patients get the go-ahead from their physician, the hospital advises them to dress warmly and start tackling snow piles early. Snow can become heavier and more compact if allowed to rest. As with any cardiovascular exercise, the hospital recommends people warm up and be careful not to overexert themselves.

To help reduce the risk of a dangerous incident, it may be best for people to hire someone to remove snow or invest in a snow blower. Life insurance is also a good idea should tragedy strike despite all proper precautions being made. 

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