Some avoiding cancer treatments because of insurance concerns

Nov 18, 2010

Some patients are avoiding cancer treatments because of financial concerns.

According to a blog post on, a survey released last month showed many cancer patients are choosing between getting treatment and maintaining their finances.

The post, which cited data from a poll of oncologists done by MDLinx, showed that 67 percent said the cancer patients they were caring for were rationing their medicines or neglecting treatment altogether. Both personal financial worries and levels of health insurance coverage were cited as reasons.

"The trend spotlighted by this poll sounds an alarm for our healthcare system," said Stephen Smith, chief strategist for the company that owns MDLinx, according to the blog. "We need to take notice and find some answers."

Some help for consumers may come through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which overhauls the health system. While some provisions are already in place, others are set to come online over the next five years and beyond.

Having the proper health coverage, along with eating right and exercising, can do more than just keep a person in shape. It may also help reduce life insurance costs.

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