Space heaters present safety hazard

Jan 26, 2011

Space heaters can be dangerous

Heating a home can be expensive, so it's easy to see why many people opt for alternative sources to keep warm during the winter months. It's important for homeowners to remember, however, that using a space heater can help keep a residence warm, but may also cause a major fire.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, a quarter of home fires involved a space heater or wood stove in 2008. Often times, a space heater starts a blaze because other objects are placed too close to it or wiring is faulty.

A major fire can not only result in a substantial amount of damage to a home, it can also claim lives. Installing a smoke detector on each floor and outside of each sleeping area can help ensure occupants are alerted to a blaze.

Unfortunately, even people who live in residences equipped with safety features can die in a fire, making it crucial to have life insurance. It's particularly important for the breadwinner in a family to have coverage to ensure loved ones will be cared for financially should something happen. 

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