Stanley Cup win enough for one Bruin

Jul 13, 2011

Mark Recchi (miidle) announces retirement after Game 7

After finishing out his 22nd National Hockey League season with the league's biggest win, Boston Bruins star Mark Recchi has announced his retirement, according to ESPN. The 43-year-old wasted no time in making his decision, alerting his fans almost immediately after the Game 7 championship win in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Recchi is the oldest player ever to score in the Stanley Cup finals and led the league in career assists and points for 2011, the media outlet reports. He scored 577 regular-season goals and assisted with 956 others, the New York Times reports. The Boston Bruins right winger also won championships with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1991 and the Carolina Hurricanes in 2006.

"I started in British Columbia, and to end it here I couldn’t ask for anything more," Recchi, who was born and reared in Kamloops, Britsh Columbia, told the media outlet.

With the number of dangerous and life threatening head injuries that happen over the course of just one of these games, it is an impressive feat that Recchi was able to play for so long and never had to use a disability insurance policy.

The amount of money accumulated over that long of a career may be substantial, but financial experts may still recommend that he invest some of that money into a universal life insurance plan for retirement.  

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