Stress can damage one's health

Dec 08, 2010

People who are under stress may be prone to more health problems.

One side effect of the recession has been an upswing in stress brought on by worries about jobs and personal finances. This can also have impacts on an individual's health as well, resulting in higher medical and life insurance costs over time.

Over the course of years, stress can contribute greatly to heart disease, high blood pressure and other medical problems, such as a higher risk for stroke.

This week, a report from Forbes ranked the top five cities in America for stress, based on factors like unemployment, commuting times, long work hours, quality of health care, and average time spent exercising.

According to the magazine, the five most stressed-out cities in America were Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston, Tampa, and Riverside, California. Many of these cities have experienced considerable difficulty in recent years because of high foreclosure rates as well as unemployment.

Regardless of where an individual may live, one part of a long and healthy life is to try to stay relaxed and as stress-free as possible. By doing so, people may be able to avoid chronic health problems while also saving considerably on their life insurance premiums and medical costs.


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