Stroke patients treated at specialized centers may have lower risk of death

Mar 10, 2011

Patients treated at specialized centers may recover better from stroke than those treated at regular hospitals.

Being treated in an official stroke center following a stroke attack may increase a patient's chance of survival, according to a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Researchers tracked every patient entering a major hospital in New York with the most common type of stroke. Some patients were sent to regular hospitals for treatment while others were sent to facilities designated as stroke centers.

They discovered that of those treated in hospitals, 12.5 percent of patients died within the first year and 26 percent died within the second, whereas 10.1 and 22.3 percent of those treated in stroke centers died during the first and second years, respectively, researchers reported.

The study also reinforced that the most essential factor is getting help as soon as possible following a stroke, since immediate help has also been linked to increased chances of survival, according to researchers.

The risk of death from stroke remains high no matter what type of treatment facility a patient goes to. Strokes may also cause instant death or enough brain damage to disable a patient's ability to organize affairs such as wills and life insurance beneficiaries. Experts recommend taking care of such preparations while healthy.  

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