Study: Dieters should weigh carb alternatives carefully

Nov 29, 2010

Low-carb diets that are high in meat may carry their own health risks.

In recent years, millions of Americans have used low-carb diets to try to control their weight and avoid the medical difficulties and higher life insurance premiums that obesity can bring.

However, those who do choose to follow a low-carb diet have long been warned about the potential long-term health consequences that can come from eating higher amounts of meat - especially if it is not lean or is prepared in an unhealthy way, such as by frying.

In fact, a recent report from CBS News warned people that researchers have found meat-based low-carb diets can increase one's risk of early death from heart disease or cancer. In contrast, the report added that those following vegetable-based low-carb diets were less prone to these health dangers.

Specifically, the news network reported that low-carb diets with more meat contributed to a greater risk of lung and colorectal cancer, while also in many cases resulting in higher fat and cholesterol consumption.

While some low-carb diets may have a poor impact on an individual's health, there are also financial considerations to take into account. For example, those who survive a cancer diagnosis may continue to face higher life insurance premiums based on the danger of a recurrence.


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