Study finds many couples avoid discussing life insurance

Nov 22, 2010

People need to discuss life insurance

It's important for people not to underestimate the value of life insurance. A life insurance policy can provide financial support if a loved one passes away. The financial security can be especially important for families with children.

Given the difficult economic conditions, financial security is extremely important. However, a study conducted by KRC Research on behalf of a major insurance company reveals that nearly three-quarters of couples "rarely" or "never discuss" life insurance.

Furthermore, the study found that women are more likely to avoid the topic when the passing of a loved one would result in them becoming the bread winner in the family. The majority of women said the reason for their silence is stress.

It's important for couples to put stress aside and discuss life insurance plans. Talking about life insurance now can prevent a devastating financial situation down the road.

There are a variety of options available designed to meet each person's specific circumstances. It's wise for couples to look into all of their options by talking to several companies and researching life insurance quotes online.

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