Study: Taller people at greater risk for cancer

Aug 04, 2011

Height may be linked to cancer

Athletes and apple pickers may have enjoyed the liberties that being tall may have afforded them, but a new study has found that taller people may be more likely to become diagnosed with cancer resulting in a greater amount of life insurance claims.

The study tested British women and found that for every four inches of height a female had, her risk of getting cancer was raised by 16 percent. However, reports from previous studies have shown the instances are similar between men and women.

"Taller women in our study had increased risk of a wide range of cancers," said study co-author Jane Green, from the cancer epidemiology unit at the University of Oxford in England. "And all the evidence from past studies is that this link is seen equally in men and women."

Experts from the American Cancer Society have said that these findings should not stir panic in people, nor do taller individuals need to get screened more often. Instead, Americans of all heights should take precautions to reduce their risk of getting cancer by not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight and getting recommended screening tests.  

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