Surgery may improve quality of life, study finds

Feb 04, 2011

Weight loss surgery may have multiple benefits

Obesity has been linked to a slew of expensive and potentially deadly medical conditions as well as high life insurance premiums. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic released findings from a small study this month regarding the benefits of weight loss surgery in relation to heart failure.

The study only had 13 participants, so the research team says additional studies will need to be conducted. However, the findings indicate that those who had weight loss surgery following heart failure had a higher quality of life.

Study lead investigator and cardiologist Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez says the findings may shed light on treatment options.

"This tells us that bariatric surgery may become part of the treatment of patients with heart failure and obesity if there are no major contraindications for the surgery - and that this might be especially important for patients with significant obesity," says Lopez-Jimenez.

Ideally it's best for people to avoid becoming overweight in the first place. Engaging in regular physical activity on a daily basis will help prevent people from gaining excess weight and acquiring the health conditions that can arise as a result.

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