Survey finds parents and children need to discuss healthy food options

Dec 21, 2010

It's important for families to discuss healthy eating habits

Parents need to be good role models for their children. A recent survey indicates that this can be true when it comes to eating habits.

Aramark Education surveyed nearly 40,000 students and found that parent-child communication is a major factor in determining what types of food children consume.

Aramark Education national director of nutrition and menu development Linda Sceurman says the research indicates children want their parents to be more involved.

"Our research revealed the critical role parents play in communicating with children about healthy food choices," says Sceurman. "Less than half of the students said that their parents frequently talk to them about making healthy choices and 39 percent said they wish their parents would make healthier food choices."

An easy way for parents and children to discuss healthy food options is by cooking and eating meals together. Engaging in food preparation allows children to learn which options are best for them.

Those who grow up healthy are more likely to stay that way in adulthood and may realize less expensive health and life insurance premiums as a result.

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