Survey reveals eating habits of children

Nov 22, 2010

Research shows kids are eating snacks, but skipping meals

Many healthcare professionals have touted the benefits of consuming healthy snacks throughout the day. A survey by the American Dietetic Association Foundation reveals that more children are doing just that.

However, snacking isn't designed to take the place of eating well-balanced meals. The survey found many children are skipping out on breakfast and dinner. ADA Foundation national education director Dr. Katie Brown says research shows children who don't eat breakfast are more likely to miss class and do poorly in school.

"Research has shown that malnutrition is a serious concern for many U.S. children - regardless of their weight - and if children are skipping major meals with higher nutrient content it can affect their ability to learn, as well as their behavior and their development," says Brown.

Getting enough of the proper vitamins is also important for adults. Being a healthy adult often stems from picking up good habits early on. Children and their parents should both be working together to ensure they are eating balanced diets. Doing so will not only improve health, but may also help with life insurance premiums.

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