Survey: Younger Americans unconcerned about heart conditions

Mar 11, 2011

Younger Americans need more education about heart disease

Information about heart disease tends to be a bit overwhelming for younger Americans, according to a survey sponsored by Quaker Oats and published in the most recent edition of Circulation.

This has meant, among other things, that 61 percent of those surveyed were unaware that cardiac risk factors could manifest themselves even before adulthood, and that 48 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 24 agreed with the point about information on the topic being overwhelming.

NYU Women's Heart Program director Dr. Nicea Goldberg said efforts to prevent heart disease should start earlier.

"It's currently estimated that one in three people has some form of heart disease, which underscores the importance for people of all ages to talk more about living a heart-healthy lifestyle now and to consider making heart disease prevention a family project," she said.

Heart conditions, in addition to being the leading cause of death among Americans, are also likely to cause life insurance quotes to increase sharply, meaning that coverage should be obtained while healthy, according to experts.

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