Symposium on life insurance may help provide for business needs

Nov 18, 2010

A life insurance company is offering symposiums about coverage.

Life insurance agents and providers may find benefits from taking part in a symposium offered by ING Life Companies.

The provider recently announced it now has a two-day symposium available for life insurance companies that will cover topics such as executive benefits and business strategies. Some of the issues that will be discussed during these meetings are how to determine a client's needs and setting up a tax-deductable plan.

Kurt Fasen, a senior vice president with the company, noted things have changed when it comes to business planning, especially with many companies finding the need to cut costs.

"This could include retaining key associates or development of a supplemental retirement plan," Fasen said. "Even experienced producers have found that the environment and rules of the game have changed and that they need to reinvent themselves."

Making health and life insurance benefits available can make a company seem more attractive to potential employees and executives. In fact, a recent poll showed the vast majority of workers rate current and potential employers higher when they offer these types of advantages.

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