Tainted eggs highlight limits of food safety

Dec 08, 2010

Potentially contaminated eggs are currently the center of a nationwide recall.

Food safety is in the news once again amid an ongoing nationwide recall involving some 500 million potentially tainted eggs.

In fact, hundreds of people have been sickened by the salmonella-tainted eggs, which are now subject to the one of the largest consumer product recalls in history.

This week, an Associated Press report quoted Margaret Hamburg, chief of the Food and Drug Administration, as pointing out that government inspectors currently have more power to investigate food-related outbreaks after they happen.

The wire service also quoted her as urging Congress to enact legislation currently under consideration that would allow the FDA to conduct more frequent inspections and to order recalls as opposed to the current system, which allows companies to voluntarily order them.

Thousands of people of all ages are sickened by food-borne pathogens each year, and not all of them survive. According to a CNN report, about 400 people are killed each year by salmonella poisoning.

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