Teen's sudden death proves it can happen to anyone

Jan 31, 2011

Tragedies can strike without warning

The tragic recent death of a teenager in Indiana has left her grieving parents confused and searching for answers, reports the South Bend Tribune.

Amanda Abbiehl was admitted to Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center in July after complaining of oral pain, a fever, and strep throat, according to the newspaper. She died two days later, and the exact cause is still unknown, the Tribune says, despite an autopsy and a second investigation by the renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. While the latter institution suggested a severe viral infection could have been to blame, the evidence was inconclusive.

Abbiehl's parents told the newspaper they might sue Saint Joseph's over alleged problems with the quality of care she received and the lack of solid information about why their daughter died. The hospital responded, telling the Tribune it had cooperated fully with all investigations and expressing its sadness at Abbiehl's death.

The case demonstrates that tragedy can strike even healthy young people without warning, experts say. For those with families to support, life insurance could at least provide some peace of mind.

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