Testing important to identifying and treating diabetes

Nov 15, 2010

It's important to get tested for health conditions on the regular basis

A number of people are faced with a diabetes diagnosis every year. The disease can carry a variety of implications, including higher life insurance premiums.

It's important for those who think they may have the condition get tested. The A1c test is one way this can be achieved. The exam is a measure of blood sugar levels over a few months.

In addition to being tested at the doctor's office, the test is also performed at some retail health clinics. Select CVS pharmacies will be offering the screening throughout most of November.

MinuteClinic president Dr. Andrew Sussman says getting tested is a good way to control one's condition.

"The A1c test is the best measure available to assess a diabetic patients immediate condition and determine whether any changes in treatment and lifestyle habits are needed," says Sussman. "With more than 1.6 million new diabetics diagnosed each year, the need for providing more accessible options to help patients monitor their condition is critical."

Type 2 diabetes can be prevented in many cases through consuming a balanced diet and exercising on the regular basis.

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