The cure to AIDS could be on the horizon

Jul 08, 2011

Man cured of AIDS sparks debate

Doctors in Berlin believe they have the first patient ever to have been cured of AIDS, according to Reuters. American Timothy Ray Brown has been receiving treatments for HIV and leukemia in Berlin since his relapse in 2007. That is when his doctor suggested he get a bone marrow transplant with a genetic mutation that had proved resistant to HIV, the news source reports.

"We really didn't know when we started this project what would happen," Huetter, an oncologist and hematologist who now works at the University of Heidelberg in southern Germany, told Reuters.

Brown now has no replicating virus and has completely stopped taking all of his medications. On the 30th anniversary of the birth of this disease that has claimed millions of lives and left thousands forced to live without life insurance, experts believe they may finally have the first patient ever cured of HIV, according to Reuters.

Due to the expense and risk to the patients life, this is not an easily replicable cure, but the ability to show that a cure is possible has given new hope to the medical community, and those suffering with the disease.

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