The onset of hurricane season brings a renewed focus on life insurance

Jun 27, 2011

Hurricanes are a cause for concern for coastal residents

The start of the Atlantic hurricane season was June 1, meaning homeowners along the coast sought to protect their properties from the damaging effect of the storms. Part of that preparation should include the purchase of a term life insurance policy, experts said.

Officials with the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency advised local homeowners take steps to fortify their homes against hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters that have led to high loss of life and property in recent weeks. Families are recommended to develop a plan with their loved ones ahead of time and identify lines of communication they should rely on should a storm occur when they're separated. The basement or an interior room that's away from windows and doors is often the best place to take refuge in the event of a hurricane or tornado, said the agency.

"The unusually high number of tornadoes seen this spring is an urgent reminder of the need to take weather warnings seriously as we head into hurricane season," said PEMA director Glenn Cannon. "Pay attention to all National Weather Service watches and warnings and develop a family plan that identifies evacuation routes and a place to meet in case your family gets separated."

Four tornado-related deaths in Massachusetts were the latest in a string of fatalities to be caused by severe storms in recent weeks, showing life insurance is an important concern when damaging spring weather reaches its apex.

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