Thoughts about death may influence how people live, study shows

Sep 30, 2011

Thoughts on death can influence how involved they are in health.

Life insurance may connote what one should do in the event of a death, and even most policyholders understand their personal lifestyle can steer their rates. But how one thinks of death can influence those habits, according to ScienceDaily.

A study by Laura Blackie of the University of Essex surveyed 90 people in a British town center on their feelings about the experience of dying under different circumstances as well as the afterlife. Exposure to both abstract and personal health issues motivated some people to do things like give blood and pay more attention to the medical community.

"Death is a very powerful motivation," said Blackie. "People seem aware that their life is limited." Her study can be precedential to an industry whose clients are capable of making the best of their coverage.

Donating blood can have a twofold effect on the future of life insurance. While it may help minimize personal costs, a more aware and participatory society can accelerate scientific developments, increase life expectancy and ultimately push prices even lower.

The reality of death is, above all, important to recognize for citizens who should have a life insurance policy in place. A life insurance quote can help anyone pursue an account despite what can be a troubling thing to accept.

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