Throat cancer is best caught early

Dec 08, 2010

Cigarettes can dramatically raise the risk of throat cancer.

The media is paying renewed attention to throat cancer now that famed actor Michael Douglas has been diagnosed with the dangerous condition.

A report from KMGH-TV in Denver offered people some additional information on what to watch for when it comes to throat cancer.

For example, the television station noted that high-pitched breathing sounds and persistent hoarseness are among the warning signs of throat cancer. Other warning signs include a chronic cough, neck swelling and a persistent sore throat or ear pain.

Those who are current and former smokers may be most at risk for a throat cancer diagnosis, although any individual who experiences these symptoms should promptly visit their physician. People who live in high areas of vehicle traffic and industrial activity may also be more at risk because they tend to be exposed to more particulate matter pollution.

When it comes to life insurance, even those who survive a cancer diagnosis can face higher life insurance rates because companies will see them as a greater health risk. However, life insurance is also a crucial investment that helps people protect their families - especially if they have small children or dependent older relatives.


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