Tips for staying fit during the holidays

Jan 24, 2011

Healthy eating and exercise during the holidays is important for those who want to stay fit.

One of the best parts of the holidays for many people is the wide array of foods that are available during the feast, but there are some things eaters can do to avoid gaining extra weight.

The Pacific Daily News provides a strategy for staying trim during the holidays, which consists of portion control, choosing the right foods and burning off calories afterwards.

The first tip is to not pile starchy carbohydrates onto the plate and to pick one or two of them, says the paper. Jiu-jitsu instructor Hayato Atalig, told the paper, “Half of the plate should be piled with vegetables,” he commented, noting the other half should be divided for lean meats and low-sugar carbohydrates.

The Daily News noted more tips such as eating the salad and vegetables first, then move on to the meat because the chances of indulgence decrease. However, if someone consumes too much, the paper notes just remember to work it off by maintaining a high level of activity during the holidays. Steve Oshiro, personal trainer, told the paper, “You still want to get the exercising in so your metabolism stays revved up.”

Following a nutritious lifestyle regularly will provide people with a healthier life and lower insurance premiums, experts say.

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