Tips for type 2 diabetics during the holidays

Jan 24, 2011

There are ways Type 2 diabetics can enjoy their food and control their blood sugar levels.

Eating and drinking are some of the most common ways people celebrate the holidays with their families, but a type 2 diabetic needs to be much more cautious than the average festive eater. The Methodist Hospital in Houston recently released a report of food consumption tips for people suffering from the disease.

Type 2 diabetes requires constant monitoring of the blood sugar and amount of nutrients one consumes, which is why holiday parties and the copious amounts of food that comes with them is difficult for diabetics to handle. Insulin adjustments need to be altered to make sure one's sugar levels are within range.

The report recommends limiting carbohydrates and cured meats that contain high levels of salt. Dr. Dale Hamilton said that, "The high blood sugar weakens the immune system so a person might catch a cold that they cannot shake or develop an infection that does not heal."

He added that reducing the number of calories before and after a big holiday meal will help diabetics keep their blood sugars in the recommended range.

People with diabetes should try to follow a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis because usually it will allow them to care for themselves more efficiently. Those who exercise consistently and follow a strict diet will often see lower life insurance premiums.

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