Tips to avoid adding pound during the holidays

Jan 24, 2011

There are ways to avoid putting on extra unwanted pounds during the holidays.

The holidays are known to cause people to add a couple notches to their belts, but there are techniques and strategies that people can put to use if they want to maintain a healthy weight for the new year.

News-Leader has provided a report from nutrition experts consisting of healthy food and drink consumption tips during this time of year. The report first notes limiting the intake of an alcoholic beverage due to the high amount of calories contained in them. Furthermore, mixer drinks, such as margaritas, may often have more sugars and calories than a glass of wine.

However, if alcohol is needed then be sure to choose low-fat or low-calorie alternatives. Registered dietitian Ruth Frechman told the paper, "If you're trying to lose weight, don't waste your calories on alcohol."

When it comes to eating during the holidays, consume normally and snack on fruits and vegetables before the party. Skipping meals before the main course is a strategy health experts frown upon since a person will most likely overeat to compensate what they abstained from.

These nutrition strategies can be turned into a healthy lifestyle for some if they remain consistent with it. Those who diet correctly and exercise sufficiently may realize lower life insurance premiums.

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