Tips to prevent Christmas tree fires

Jan 21, 2011

Christmas trees are known to cause house fires during the holidays.

Christmas trees are known for the decorative atmosphere they provide homes during the holidays, but it is also an item that can catch fire and possibly ruin families. The Indiana State Fire Marshal's Office provided a list of tips for people to abide by if they want to decrease these risks.

When purchasing a tree, be sure to get a fresh one that has healthy pine needles on it. The next step is placing it, which should be a spot that is at least three feet away from any heat source. The constant warmth may dry the piny bush up and make it become easier to ignite. In addition, keep the stand full of water at all times to avoid letting the it dry.

Indiana State fire marshal Jim Greeson says, "Families can help keep this a joyful tradition every year by making sure their Christmas tree is carefully selected and properly cared for to reduce any fire risks."

The National Fire Prevention Association says that one in every 18 reported Christmas tree fires resulted in death. In case something tragic happens, the best option for people is to have life insurance because it will provide families with the financial stability they need.

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