Tomatoes shown to be heart-healthy

Feb 04, 2011

Tomatoes are heart-healthy

The key to a healthy heart may be as simple as eating more tomatoes. According to research, a chemical found in tomatoes can aid in the "reduction in oxidative stress and inflammation."

Julie Talbot of the Illinois Institute of Technology reports that in comparison to those who took a placebo, those who ate tomato products were more likely to experience a lower risk of heart disease.

Los Angeles dietitian Sharon Palmer says people shouldn't experience difficulty incorporating tomatoes into their diet.

"Eating more tomato products is a simple, delicious way to help reduce your risk of heart disease, because these foods are popular, economical and easy to include in your favorite dishes," says Palmer.

In addition to eating tomatoes, other actions, such as exercise, can also keep a heart strong.

Having a healthy heart can help ensure one realizes optimal rates on life insurance. While there are a number of things used to determine rates, overall wellness is one of them, along with age and other lifestyle factors.

People who want to achieve lower rates should take note of studies which indicate certain actions may help improve their wellness.

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