Tools launched to help educate about life insurance

Nov 18, 2010

New tools provided by a life insurance company can help providers educate consumers about how marriage can change needs.

Knowing the best practices can help life insurance providers and brokers make sure their clients are satisfied with their products, which may be especially important with workers rating these benefits highly.

Liberty Mutual Group launched two training tools for life insurance producers to help celebrate Life Insurance Awareness Month in September. The first is a course that will help brokers and consultants maintain their licenses.

The second tool is a guide that employers can use when trying to educate their workers on maintaining their group life insurance policies. One of the goals of the project is to make sure employees inform their provider of any life changes, including marriage or divorce.

"Employers initiate efforts to make sure employees understand the advantages of group life insurance as a way to protect their loved ones," Liberty Mutual product manager Rick Balboni says.

There are a number of changes that could inspire consumers to make sure they have the proper life insurance coverage. Along with marriage or divorce, having children, buying a home or retiring could all be influential factors.

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