Tow truck driver buys more life insurance due to dangerous highway

Oct 07, 2011

A tow truck driver bought extra life insurance after finding part of his job too dangerous.

Tony Arnold, a truck driver in rural Arkansas, said he took out extra life insurance after many near accidents on a highway he drives on for work, according to 40/29 News.

"I've had a few near misses with mirrors just clipping my back," Arnold, owner of Roger's Towing, told the news station. The news source said Arnold gets in his tow truck every day and more often than not goes to pick up a car on Interstate 540, which he said is very dangerous. The Arkansas State Police said state law requires drivers to merge into the right lane if there are emergency vehicles, but for regular cars it is just a courtesy.

The news source said this may be why a 28-year-old man died this past week while changing a tire on the highway. The story said police have told people to slow down, pay attention and get over to the far lane if possible. Arnold said anyone who has to get out of his or her car should wear reflective clothing and stay as far off of the road as possible. said driving is the eighth most dangerous job to have. The website said people with dangerous jobs such as these need life insurance, especially if they have families that depend on their income.

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