TV host's health scare highlights importance of screenings

Nov 11, 2010

Early detection is key for many health conditions

Popular television host Dr. Mehmet Oz is known for being in tip-top condition and passing along his shared health knowledge to the public. Recently, Oz taught his followers about the importance of getting screened for cancer.

During a routine colonoscopy, doctors found an adenomatous polyp in Oz's colon. Fortunately, the polyp was detected and removed early, otherwise it could have turned into cancer.

"This was a shakeup for me," Oz told "I have done everything right. I don't have any family history, and yet I'm high risk now."

Nearly 140,000 people were diagnosed with colon cancer in 2006, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 53,000 died from the disease that year.

Oz's health scare highlights the importance of getting routine health exams and preventative screenings. Even those who are considered healthy by medical standards aren't immune to any condition. People should consider purchasing life insurance even if they don't think they'll need it any time soon. As Oz found out, a life-changing event can happen at any time.

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