TV show to highlight retirement fears

Nov 11, 2010

A television program will feature people talking about their retirement concerns

Reality television shows have become popular with fans over the years. From seeing how the rich and famous mingle to completely unique lifestyles, many people find it interesting to see how others live.

Now, people can see how others are going about saving for their retirement. AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company is creating a "Retirement Reality Show" that will look at how people are preparing for life after work.

"Fear of outliving one's savings is the common theme in these frank discussions," says AXA Equitable senior vice president of external affairs Chris Winans. "Our goal in sharing these stories is to move the dialogue from fear to action."

There are several tools people can use to help save for retirement. For some people, a whole life insurance policy may make sense. Whole life insurance policies have a death benefit and cash value, which can be borrowed against in the event of an emergency. Such a plan can help one avoid outliving their savings and cover medical expenses without having to rely on family for financial assistance.

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