U.S. cities ranked on stress factors

Nov 29, 2010

Stress can greatly undermine one's physical well-being.

While many people know that quitting smoking and controlling their weight is a great way to qualify for lower life insurance rates, they may be less inclined to consider the effect that stress can have on their well-being and longevity.

Stress is particularly relevant to one's health when considering the economic strain that has characterized the past several years, including foreclosures, unemployment and high credit card debts.

In fact, a report from Portfolio.com recently ranked the most stressful cities to live in the United States. The study used factors ranging from crime rates and unemployment to poverty levels and even the weather.

According to the Portfolio.com report, Detroit was the most stressful U.S. city, followed by Los Angeles and Cleveland. Others making the top 10 reportedly included New Orleans, New York City and Chicago. The report also noted the unemployed tend to be at significantly more risk for high stress levels.

Stress is a leading contributor to heart disease, which is one of a number of pre-existing conditions that can result in higher life insurance premiums. As a result, some preventive medicine can help people avoid serious health problems as well as higher financial burdens.

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