Vended food in schools offers unhealthy options

Dec 21, 2010

Healthy behaviors are born in childhood

Behaviors and lifestyles developed in childhood can be carried on into adulthood. That is one of the reasons why poor diets in many of the country's children are so disturbing. Unhealthy children who become unhealthy adults may further strain the healthcare system and end up paying higher health and life insurance premiums.

A study by the University of Michigan Medical School found that 22 percent of students ate vended food while at school. High school students were more likely to say they consumed vended food than students in other grade levels.

Popular vended food items amongst students include fried snacks, soft drinks, candy, cakes and ice cream.

"Consumption of vended foods and beverages currently offered in U.S. schools is detrimental to children's diet quality," says lead study author Mr. Madhuri Kakarala. "Childhood obesity, resulting from poor dietary choices, such as those found in this study, greatly increases the risk for many chronic diseases."

Diabetes and coronary artery disease are just a couple of life-shortening diseases that can arise from a poor diet and obesity. Opting for produce instead of fried foods and snacks can help improve one's health.

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