Videos highlight importance of ending phone calls before driving

Dec 21, 2010

There can be serious consequences for driving distracted

Approximately 6,000 people died in a motor vehicle accident because of a distracted driver in 2008, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Department of Transportation has implemented a new initiative aimed at reducing the number of accidents caused by distracted motorists.

DOT's latest effort, "Faces of Distracted Driving," consists of families sharing their stories of loved ones injured or killed in traffic accidents.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood applauds those who have come forward to discuss how a distracted driver impacted their life.

"These videos are dramatic evidence that the lives lost to America's distracted driving epidemic aren't statistics. They're children, parents, neighbors, and friends," says LaHood. "These people have courageously come forward to share their personal tragedies in order to warn others against making the dangerous decision to talk or text behind the wheel."

A number of celebrities have stepped forward to help combat distracted driving. The Jonas Brothers and Jordin Sparks are just a couple of artists who have been trying to get fans to take a pledge against the practice.

Despite such efforts, a distracted driver will always be on the road at a given time, making auto and life insurance important considerations in the event of an accident.

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