Violent crimes can happen to anyone

Nov 18, 2010

Anyone can become a victim of a crime

People don't like to think of the facts regarding violent crime, however the potential of being involved is very real. The Bureau of Justice Statistics says there were 17.1 victims of violent crime per 1,000 people last year.

The estimated 4.3 million violent crime victims last year faced acts ranging from rape to assault. Data show that men were somewhat more likely to be a victim of violent crime, however women were more likely to know the perpetrator.

While the statistics show a decline in criminal acts over previous years, the data is a harsh reminder of the importance of having life insurance. One never knows when he or she may become a victim in a terrible crime.

People can help avoid being a victim of crime by being alert to their surroundings and being careful to whom they divulge personal information. Also, it's safer for people to not walk alone at night in dark and secluded areas and to always let someone else know where they plan on being. Even those who still follow appropriate safety precautions may fall victim to a serious crime.

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