Water seen as helping weight loss

Dec 01, 2010

Drinking water before a meal can help control one's appetite.

Maintaining a healthy weight is critical for people who want to avoid chronic medical conditions and the difficulties - from hospital visits to high life insurance premiums - that can come with them.

Millions of Americans have been struggling to shed extra pounds amid what has been described as a nationwide epidemic of obesity. In many cases, people find it difficult to know which dietary choices are best amid a seemingly endless array of processed foods that are high in fat and offer dubious nutritional value.

Generally, health experts advise people to stick to lean cuts of meat and to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables on any given day, while also maintaining a regular exercise routine.

More recently, a report from the BBC cites research which finds that people on a diet who drink a couple of glasses of water before each meal tend to lose an average of five pounds more than those who do not.

The article noted that this works because the water makes people feel fuller before they have a meal, but cautioned that too much water brings its own serious medical risks.

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