Weight loss surgery also helps reduce diabetes cases

Dec 06, 2010

Weight loss surgery can have many benefits

There are a variety of factors that come into play when a life insurance company quotes a rate. One factor that people can control is their health. People who are in good shape are considered less of a risk to insure and typically get offered lower life insurance rates than their fast-food loving counterparts.

People who are already obese may feel like losing such a large amount of weight is impossible, let alone getting a hold of the conditions that frequently arise with being overweight.

Researchers, however, have determined that those who have bariatric surgery are in some cases able to completely eliminate type 2 diabetes.

A study published in the Archives of Surgery reveals that out of the 2235 patients who had bariatric surgery, just under 75 percent reported they no longer needed diabetes medication six months following the procedure.

Both obesity and diabetes have been associated with shorter life-spans due the toll the conditions take on the body. Surgery is just one way people can get their weight under control. Proper diet and exercise can also help people trim their waistlines.

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