Widow publishes book encouraging life insurance, end-of-life discussions

Apr 25, 2011

A widow has recently written a book to advise and encourage couples to set life insurance and end-o-life arrangements in place before it's too late.ncoura

Jeannine McCurie is no stranger to life's unexpected turns and has made it her mission to encourage others to be prepared for them as well, according to the Kitsap Sun News.

The mother of two reportedly lost her husband to whom she had been married for less than 10 years in 2008. He died of stage IV cancer, despite having had a clean physical a few months before his diagnosis, according to the source.

Though her husband's death was unexpected, the couple had already discussed their end-of-life wishes and had taken out life insurance policies on each other in the event of such a tragedy occurring, she told the source.

However, McCurie was shocked to find out from her insurer that her and her husband's level of preparedness is rare. She felt motivated to warn others about how necessary these discussions are and decided to write a book called My Plan B to guide people through the process of creating a backup plan for their lives, the source reported.

"My goal is to work with financial advisers and life insurance agents to get this book in the hands of their clients.… I'm hoping it's a tool. It's a roadmap for people," McCurie said.

Nearly 35 million Americans do not have life insurance, according to the Life Insurance and Market Research Association. 

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