Wildlife can carry deadly viruses

Nov 15, 2010

Some animals can have rabies

Rabies is a serious and potentially deadly virus that can be transmitted between animals and humans. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says most rabies cases occur in wild animals.

The initial symptoms of someone infected with rabies are relatively minor and consist of fever and a headache, says the CDC. However, more severe signs of sickness emerge as the virus progresses.

The Washington State Department of Health says says rabies kills 55,000 people worldwide each year. Given the state's high wildlife population, it is urging residents to be cautious of animals.

Bats in particular have been known to carry the virus, says the department. People should seek medical attention if they are bitten by a bat or any other animal that may carry rabies.

While rabies is deadly, people can survive the virus if they receive medication prior to symptoms developing.

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