Wireless heart monitor could be big step forward, study finds

Feb 24, 2011

Wireless heart monitor to aid physicians

New implantable devices which allow physicians to monitor the heart condition of an at-risk patient could save lives, according to the results of a study published recently in British medical journal the Lancet.

Improved access to information and quick notification of fluid buildup in the lungs of patients - one of the most common problems for recovering heart failure victims - can allow the issue to be treated medically and decrease the rate of hospitalizations needed, saving money and healthcare capacity.

The study's author, Dr. William Abraham of Ohio State University, told HealthDay News the results were encouraging.

"This promises to revolutionize the way we manage patients who have moderate or severe heart failure. Prior to this, the tools that we could use to evaluate how heart failure patients were doing were not very revealing and so we have failed to keep patients out of the hospital," he said.

Advancing medical technology is likely to lead to longer life expectancy, which could push life insurance rates lower, experts say.

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