Workers place value in voluntary benefits offered by employers

Nov 18, 2010

A recent survey shows workers value voluntary benefits.

A recent survey shows employees think better of a company when it offers voluntary benefits, which could include health and life insurance coverage.

The poll, conducted by a national health insurance provider, showed 83 percent of respondents said they rate companies higher when they offer voluntary benefits. These perks can include life insurance coverage and require the employee pay all or most of the costs for the service.

People who are looking for work also value companies that offer voluntary benefits. Of those surveyed, 90 percent said it is important for companies to offer health policies and other opt-in programs.

"The survey findings suggest that employees definitely see the value in voluntary benefits," said Jeff Spahr, a representative from the company.

Yet another survey showed that many workers feel as though health, disability and life insurance policies will gain in importance over the next five years. However, many people polled were afraid they might not be offered the same amount of coverage, despite how much they believe they may need.

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