Workshop to aid with retirement planning

Nov 15, 2010

A financial seminar aims to help people meet their financial goals

The recession has impacted the lives of Americans across the country. From losing homes to jobs, a number of people would clearly say poor economic conditions have had a negative effect on them. However, some research indicates that a few positive behaviors are emerging.

Without a steady stream of income, consumers have had to learn how to manage their money better. A major insurance company is teaming up with author and broadcaster Tavis Smiley to bring a financial workshop to Baltimore.

In a survey performed on behalf of the duo, African-Americans in particular have made substantial changes to the way they deal with money. However, a third of African-Americans in the city reported having an income of less than $50,000.

"The results of the survey underscore that Americans in Baltimore - black and white - are struggling to emerge from this downturn on their feet," says Smiley.

In addition to purchasing health and homeowners insurance, people should also realize the value of life insurance. Such coverage can provide funds in the event of a policyholder's passing. The money may be particularly crucial if a family is already struggling to make ends meet.

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