Younger American families have high standards for their food, article says

Jan 31, 2011

Food habits of younger families are different

There are a number of boxes that food for young American families must check in order to make it onto the dinner table, a report in the latest issue of Food Technology magazine found.

The central concern is health, according to the article. Food shoppers who had children told researchers nutrition was a serious concern of theirs roughly 40 percent of the time, and a solid majority reported having a concrete plan to encourage healthy eating for the whole family.

However, younger parents are also much more likely than older ones to serve different kinds of food at home. Gen Y parents were twice as likely as other Gen Y respondents to use the microwave to cook their family's foods, Food Technology said, pointing out that the proliferation of microwaveable prepared foods from various ethnic traditions has made the practice more popular.

Healthy eating habits begun in childhood have a good chance of continuing into maturity, experts say, resulting in better overall health and more favorable life insurance premiums.

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