ABC expert: Coffee can have numerous health benefits

Feb 04, 2011

Healthy and, on some mornings, necessary

That many Americans depend on a morning cup of coffee to boost their energy levels and get ready for the day should come as no surprise, but some people might not know about the positive health effects the bitter drink can have, says a nutritionist writing a guest piece for ABC's Good Morning America.

According to Cynthia Sass, it's important to make sure one is not cancelling out the potential benefits of coffee by loading it down with milk and sugar. These can add unwanted calories and make the beverage unhealthy, she says.

However, if consumers either drink their coffee straight or use alternative methods like soy or skim milk to change its taste, the effects can be significant. Sass says a regular cup of coffee in the morning is linked to lower rates of a number of serious health problems like diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, and even some types of cancer.

A healthier lifestyle - which includes a balanced diet and plenty of exercise -may be bolstered by one's morning joe, leading to improved rates on life insurance policies.

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