Aerobic activities great for the body

Jan 31, 2011

Increasing aerobic exercises is great for the body.

There are numerous different ways for people to get aerobic activities incorporated into their lives, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends several moderate and vigorous exercises a person can do to get their hearts pumping.

The CDC says all types of "cardio" activities count, as long as they are done for at least 10 minutes at a time. Moderate aerobic exercise means a person is working hard enough to break a sweat and get their heart rate going. Some different techniques the CDC recommends include walking fast, doing water aerobics, riding a bike on a flat surface and also something as ordinary as pushing the lawnmower.

A step up from moderate exercise is vigorous activity, which means that a person is breathing hard and fast, as the heart rate has increased more than it would for temperate exercise. The CDC cites some ways to reach this level, which consist of jogging, running, swimming laps, riding a bike at a fast speed or on a hill and playing a game of basketball.

People who gradually increase their level of physical activity over time may see their life insurance premiums decrease as they get healthier.

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