Consumers hungry for healthy food options

Nov 22, 2010

Eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive

A fair portion of Americans are aware that eating sweets sparingly and getting enough exercise can result in better health and lower life insurance premiums. Despite this, obesity rates and related ailments continue to increase.

A study conducted by Catalina Marketing reveals nearly 80 percent of respondents feel purchasing healthy food is more expensive than its less-nutritious counterparts. However, consumers are interested in purchasing food that is good for them and feel their supermarket can provide sound options.

Catalina Marketing group vice president of health, wellness and beauty Sharon Glass says the study provides valuable information.

"It uncovers what shoppers really want and how to design programs or services that best align with their needs," says Glass. "Making smart nutritional choices can notably improve overall health and how we feel each day."

Consumers who are looking to save on healthy options should purchase goods when on sale, check local farmers markets, and purchase fruits that are in season. Some produce items are less expensive than others, so shoppers should compare prices before heading to the register.

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