Drug trial for potential lung cancer treatment failed

Dec 06, 2010

Smoking can increase life insurance rates

Thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Many of those people never thought that they would receive such news. Lung cancer is one form of the disease that has a high mortality rate. The National Cancer Institute estimates more than 157,000 people will die from lung cancer this year.

Researchers have been developing new ways to help treat various forms of cancer. Unfortunately, a recent drug study from Pfizer shows that a drug they hoped would help treat lung cancer failed. The company said combining sutent with tarceva did not improve survival rates for people who have already been treated for lung cancer.

"While this trial did not demonstrate a statistically significant improvement in overall survival for patients treated with sunitinib plus erlotinib, we believe that the statistically significant improvement in progression free survival is an important finding," says Pfizer's Oncology Business Unit senior vice president of clinical development and medical affairs Dr. Mach Rothenberg.

Given the high mortality rate of those diagnosed with lung cancer, people would be wise to do whatever they can do to help avoid getting the disease. Smoking is one way people can cut this risk of developing lung cancer. Those who smoke tend to pay higher life insurance rates because of its association with many health conditions.

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